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DISCLAIMER: This trade is based on this date. I'm not suggesting a move up or down. I'm showing my trade that I have already done. I'm not recommending this stock as a purchase/trade. Think of it like this, I'm 'Showing you the World thru my Eyes'.
This is the Official CPT Dashboard $1,000 a Month Challenge where a REAL 100% Covered Call Writer not just some Youtuber trying to make that Youtube Money Trades!
This 'Challenge' is simple ... using ~$10,000 in my kids accounts I'm going to try to make anywhere from $800 - $1,100 a month Selling Premium
This Blog site will chare trade ideas, all my trades I do for my kids and the running totals throughout this year to see if we can average $1,000 a month OR make $12,000 for the entire year.
To see ALL ACTIVE TRADES you have to go to the CPTDashboard where I have the MONTHLY$1K TAB - ITS 100% FREE
COMING SOON! as I'm putting this together for a FEBUARY Start

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