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What I'm Watching for my kids Small $10,000 Account for Selling Premium
DISCLAIMER: 100% for entertainment. I'm not recommending these stocks as a purchase. The research jump links in this blog post are ones that I use to start my stock investing research. Always do your own due diligence and never risk more money then you are willing to lose. Think of it like this blog post as seeing the world thru my eyes.


These stocks might be good Small Ball Accounts to research
The stocks below are just ideas, not recommendations ... do your own due diligence!
See Support-PINSTrending? -PINSYahoo Summary-PINS
DATE: 2/5/2021 - What Does John Think? - I think this stock is a good small ball play because I like this stock has reported earnings and its heading higher ... its under $100 so $10,000 accounts can buy 100 and use this stock
PINS announces earning and its off to the races ... its still under $100 so we can still use it in my kids small accounts but chances are its a 1 time trade and prob wont make the $1,000 ... but it will at least bring $8 or $9 depending on the strike I pick
Good RXGDRX$56.63
See Support-GDRXTrending? -GDRXYahoo Summary-GDRX
DATE: 2/6/2021 - What Does John Think? - I think this stock is a good small ball play because I like that we can buy 100 shares and trade the range ... a range that is pretty stable
GDRX is in my wheelhouse for a, buy 200 shares and sell to calls ... with it over $50 I prob cant now BUT if it sells under $50 its a great candidate for that... I like GDRX to trade higher UNLESS Amazon comes in and wrecks the sector with its plans to do the same type thing. Be Careful knowing that.

Rocket GroupRKT$20.94
See Support-RKTTrending? -RKTYahoo Summary-RKT
DATE: 2/10/2021 - What Does John Think? - I think this stock is a good small ball play because I like that its trading UNDER the Keltner Channel Midline which suggests we'd be buying this stock without the FLUFF
CSP - Rocket is acting like it always does where it moves higher, then sells off, moves higher, sells off... were in a sell off phase and I feel looking at the chart and the KC MID ... its support is still 19.50 ... so this $19 Strike sets up for a possible NOT being assigned the shares CSP trade


Youtube Comment Stock Picks
Below are some of the Youtube comments of stock suggestions ... many have said they use these stocks for Selling Premium ... I'll let you be the judge. #NEW_IDEAS is what its about.
DISCLAIMER: 100% POSTED FOR ENTERTAINMENT - Although I may have checked these stocks out I have not endorsed them and you need to understand that by me posting them below YOU are required to do your own Due Diligence.
Palantir Technologies Inc. builds and deploys software platforms for the intelligence community in the United States to assist in counterterrorism investigations and operations. It offers Palantir Gotham, a software platform for government operatives in the defense and intelligence sectors, which enables users to identify patterns hidden deep within datasets, ranging from signals intelligence sources to reports from confidential informants
PalantirPLTR$31.91PLTR - Options
POSTED - 2/15/2021 - stock prices are *not* in real time
Virgin Galactic Holdings, Inc., an integrated aerospace company, develops human spaceflight for private individuals and researchers in the United States. It also manufactures air and space vehicles. The company's spaceship operations include commercial human spaceflight, flying commercial research, and development payloads into space. In addition, it engages in the design and development ...
Virgin GalacticSPCE$54.53SPCE - Options
POSTED - 2/15/2021 - stock prices are *not* in real time
fuboTV Inc. operates a live TV streaming platform for live sports events, news, and entertainment content in Europe and the United States. Its platform allows customers to access content through streaming devices, as well as on SmartTVs, mobile phones, tablets, and computers. The company is headquartered in New York, New York.
fubo TV Inc.FUBO$46.66FUBO - Options
POSTED - 2/15/2021 - stock prices are *not* in real time
There are a lot of people betting against fuboTV, but that's not necessarily a bad thing these days. There's nothing wrong with a little skepticism if you're buying into growing companies, and fuboTV certainly fits the bill. The "sports first" live-TV streaming platform saw its subscriber base soar from 316,000 to 545,000 last year, and its already heady growth is accelerating.

Revenue rose 71% in the third quarter, and preliminary financial results translate to 77% to 83% top-line growth for the fourth quarter, which the company will make official later this month. The comparisons will get even easier in the coming months as fuboTV stacks up against last year at this time when it suffered a net decline in subscribers, with sporting events postponed in light of the global pandemic.

FuboTV is effectively monetizing its growing and captive audience through premium subscriptions and healthy ad revenue. This is a cutthroat market, but fuboTV is hoping to differentiate itself through fantasy sports offerings that it will roll out this summer and more lucrative gambling ambitions later in 2021.
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